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14th November
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Joe Pilates believed his Contrology Method was the antidote to modern life – and he wrote that in 1945! If your modern life involves too much sitting and clicking and not enough standing and moving; if your body is sending regular messages involving neck, back or foot pain and/or restricted mobility, then give Pilates/Contrology a try!

What have you got to lose, but your pain?

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I believe that Pilates can be for EVERYbody, with individual modifications appropriate to the student. I have watched spines straighten, thigh muscles lengthen, back humps shrink, tushies tighten and memories improve in students of all ages. Pretty good for 100-year-old exercise techniques designed by a man – for men.

Carolina believes that Pilates is for everybody to help people strengthen and balance their bodies. She loves to share her passion for the method with her students.

A self-professed “movement nerd” Kurt has been fascinated with human movement most of his life.

EquiPilates Authorized Representative