"Every Moment of Our Life can be the Beginning of Great Things."

Joseph Pilates


The Pilates School in downtown St. Petersburg will help you lengthen, strengthen, mobilize and tone your whole body, using classic Pilates/Contrology methods and equipment. Owner/Instructor Lyn Wilkinson brings 15 years of teaching people aged 18-80’s, moving her acclaimed studio from Cape Cod to St. Petersburg.

We Are Now Offering
In-Studio Group Classes!

As COVID-19 cases continue to decline, and restrictions have eased, we feel comfortable offering group classes.

What you need to know:

• Class size is limited to 4 people.

• Our Pilates Pods – each grouping of equipment – are 12′ apart.

• Equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use.

• All instructors are fully vaccinated.

• We have a state-of-the-art air filtration system.

In-Studio Group Class Schedule

The Pilates School follows strict COVID-19 protocol for cleaning and social distancing.

Not quite ready for an in-studio workout? Too busy to make it to the studio? We also offer Virtual Classes for every level.

Check out our Pilates equipment available for sale.

Introducing Independent Study

If you enjoy your Pilates with no teacher soundtrack, why not reserve a Pilates Pod? Perfect for Pilates teachers without access to a full studio, or a student familiar with the work and equipment. Must display proficiency and equipment knowledge before the first session.

What Can


Do For You?

Joe Pilates believed his Contrology Method was the antidote to modern life – and he wrote that in 1945! If your modern life involves too much sitting and clicking and not enough standing and moving; if your body is sending regular messages involving neck, back or foot pain and/or restricted mobility, then give Pilates/Contrology a try!

What have you got to lose, but your pain?

Pick your Pilates/Contrology

Solo/Duet Lesson

Virtual Pilates

Meet the Team

With individual modifications appropriate to the student. I have watched spines straighten, thigh muscles lengthen, back humps shrink, tushies tighten and memories improve in students of all ages. Pretty good for 100-year-old exercise techniques designed by a man – for men.

Carolina believes that Pilates is for everybody to help people strengthen and balance their bodies. She loves to share her passion for the method with her students.

A self-professed “movement nerd” Kurt has been fascinated with human movement most of his life.

JoAnn Milivojevic has helped people build strong, flexible and joyful bodies since 2002. She is certified as an AFAA personal trainer and comprehensively certified in teaching the Pilates Method. Like many teachers, she started Pilates as a student in pain, and understands personally the benefits of a regular Pilates practice. JoAnn is professional writer and editor, passionate Tango dancer and proud Mom to her beautiful greyhound, Demy.

EquiPilates Authorized Representative