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By Danielle Raciti

The practice of Pilates hones in on movements of the body and truly assesses how each joint and muscle work in tandem with one another. Lyn Wilkinson, principal of The Pilates School in Harwich, Mass., has been practicing since 2005. “I was considered healthy and fit by biochemistry standards but I was overweight, my back hurt, and I couldn’t do a sit up,” she explains. After catching a glimpse of a slimmed down Oprah on a magazine cover, Wilkinson wondered how she got such sculpted obliques. The answer? Pilates. “I thought, If Oprah can do it, I can do it!”

Cape Commerce

By Chris Wallace

Lyn Wilkinson, owner of The Pilates School in Harwich, received specialized certification to offer Pilates to women who have had surgery for breast cancer. Training in California, it took her one year and 200 hours to earn certification under the direction of Dr. Suzanne Martin, physical therapy expert, educator, and owner of Pilates Therapeutics, based in the Bay Area. Only two instructors worldwide currently have this certification: Wilkinson and a woman in Australia.

Patricia Bertschy

Lyn Wilkinson is the vivacious owner of The Pilates School in Harwich.  Her studio at 657 Main Street looks like a fitness center, with exercise equipment, open floor space and mirrored walls.  But it is primarily a classroom where Lyn’s mission is to teach her clients to use their muscles in new ways.  Lyn believes that the strength that comes from Pilates can transform lives.