Student Handbook/FAQs

1. Parking: The Pilates School is located at 2907 4th St. N. There are six spaces for our students, and the other spots are often open. Please check in with us if you are not parked in our spots. The chiropractor is there only Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Clothing: Please wear workout clothing as tight as your comfort level will allow. The more your teacher can see, the easier it is to offer appropriate correction and instruction. It’s why we watch you!

3. Shoes: Please remove your shoes when you enter. The left side hallway benches have shelves for your shoes. Street shoes are okay on the tile path and in the bathroom. You will also find shoe covers near the masks and sanitizer opposite the benches.

4. What to bring: Please bring in the minimum. Keys, phone, water may stay with you in your Pilates Pod. Wraps and shoes should be left at the main entry; the is an umbrella stand to right.

5. Bare Feet Allowed: Pilates was designed to be performed in bare feet. Many studios, for various reasons, require full or toe-less socks. You are, of course, always welcome to wear them, and we provide a few pair if you’ve forgotten yours.

Please note: Sand/grit is the enemy of the apparatus. We live in bare, minimal footwear Florida and our feet get dirty! Please check yours; we provide boxes of hypo-allergenic wipes on the front entry bench.